Fyre Music Festival Turns Out to be a Disaster

The Fyre music Festival organised by rapper Ja Rule and tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland that was scheduled to kick off last weekend in April, bringing it all the way to this week in May, however it did not get off with a great start. Although was supported by many Instagram models and world-class acts such as Blink-182, Major Lazer and Disclosure, that was set to be held at the Bahamas on a private island,  the most luxurious music festival catered for all the rich millennials out there, faced it’s challenges when all things got out of control.

However, recently there has been many footage leaked, shot by festival goers showing how disappointed they were at the organisers and how it failed to perform its responsibilities such as basic needs for food, water and even transportation. Check out the video below, it seems like the worst possible situation they could be in.

According to its promotional video, tickets ranged from USD $1000 – $12,000, and what they got for the ticket was artists cancellation and no-shows. There has been different accounts on Twitter documenting this situation, I guess there won’t be a second edition for Fyre Music Festival.\

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