Top Asian DJs To Look Out For!

As Electronic Dance Music have been gaining more and more momentum in Asia regions for the past few years, America has been celebrating this music style for years. And many of the Asian-Americans, or even Asian DJs have been influencing the dance scene for longer than you know. Here are AMF’s top 5 DJs that you should know of (and of course hope for them to come to your hometown and get a chance to listen to them live):

 (Steve Aoki)

Known for his Japanese roots, this famous DJ is one of the most recognisable face in the business. Having just visited Hong Kong via Dragonland Music Festival, many have seen him in action. rumour has it he and Vin Diesel is sitting on a monster collaboration, let’s wait and hear!


 (Far East Movement)

Having been experiencing L.A. for almost all their lives, this international group have been marking spots all over the world. With their album Free Wired , blowing up their name in the global scale, Far East Movement has been collaborating with various Korean artists such as Tiffany from Girl’s Generation, as well as Jay Park (another rapper to look out for!)



Although he has been trying to keep his identity fully covered, the Internet revealed that ZHU (Steven Zhu) is in fact Asian, with one singular photo on the web. His well-known track ‘Faded’ as taken the world by storm and even nominated by The Grammy’s for Best Dance Recording.



One of the rising female DJs in the pool, TOKIMONSTA has been growing strong. Her indie electronic dance music intertwines with hints of R&B, creates this unique vibe that stands out from the others.



This progressive house producer has just started in this business, as one of the new comers to the industry, his style transcends anyone before him, using unique beats and twists, many of his creations have receive critically acclaimed thumbs ups!

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